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Mission Possible
Ref: ERO178 / Year:2005

Cindy Lords, Gilda Roberts, Stefania Bruni, Katy Caro, Together they form an elite unit, answer to no-one and employ the most inappropriate methods as they demonstrate that no mission is Impossible.

Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island
Ref: ERO171 / Year:2005

A raunchy re-interpretation of a classic tale. Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island is a seafaring sex saga starring Silvia Saint.

Sex Angels
Ref: ERO152 / Year:2004

Once upon a time there were three very beautiful women… Meet the Sex Angels who are on a mission to save the world using the power of their breasts, legs and more! No man or woman is a match for these insatiable ladies as they pursue and conquer the villainous Dr. Evil and his depraved assistant Tania.

Millionaire 1
Ref: ERO161 / Year:2004

The story begins in the closing days of the Second World War, and revolves around a treasure map divided into 5 pieces which indicates the location of a priceless treasure hidden by the ruthless General Van Ribbertraunf. A dying antique shop owner passes on the key to the secret 50 years later which kick starts the wildest sexual adventure of the millenium.

Millionaire 2
Ref: ERO162 / Year:2004

Don’t miss this thrilling race to find the fabulous treasure of the ruthless General Van Ribbertraunf. Beautiful women, intrigue, sex and luxury in incredible tropical settings and the sophisticated French Côte d’Azur. The kind of production only Private can offer you.

Virgin Dreams
Ref: ERO249 / Year: 1/1/2008

An architect looks for creative inspiration with sensual wet dreams imagining how she can lose her virginity, so she can discover what it’s like to cum!

The Private Gladiator 1
Ref: ERO088 / Year:2002

A high-budget costume trilogy. Maximus (Toni Ribas), the hero, is a Roman general who defeats the barbarians and is declared successor to the ageing Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Vice, corruption and evil plots thwart the hero’s plans for the future. He is betrayed and sold into slavery. Action, fabulous girls and plenty of sensual action.

The Private Gladiator 2, In The City Of Lust
Ref: ERO092 / Year:2002

This second thrilling episode of the saga is a faithful reconstruction of the sensual arts of Roman women, these girls invented passion and pleasure. In the midst of the Roman parties the sexual world of the ancients is explored and brought to life a series of erotic scenes.

The Private Gladiator 3, Sexual Conquest
Ref: ERO103 / Year:2002

Set in the most glorious period of ancient Rome, we bring you the third and final part of this super-production. There are an exquisite array of feminine beauties that will make your temperature soar to new heights. Once again enjoy, the best of historic passion produced by Private.

Ref: ERO120 / Year:2003

A group of archaeologists, members of a sect that worships Ancient Egypt, working from a sample of her DNA, attempt to bring the beautiful Cleopatra back to life, a lady renowned for her insatiable sexual appetites. Set in both Ancient Egypt and the contemporary world, with scenes filmed in Luxor, El Cairo and Naples.