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Ref: ERO215 / Year:2006

Five beautiful girls set out on a slut holiday to the tropical paradise of Madagascar. They screw on sandy white beaches, they party in the Indian Ocean and they give themselves the wildest adventure of a lifetime!

Hotel Affairs
Ref: ERO212 / Year:2006

Robert and Donna go on a romantic holiday to the Grenadine Islands. But Donna can’t resist flirting with the hotel guests, little does Donna know that by doing this she’s making Robert a very happy man!

Tropical Twins
Ref: ERO197 / Year:2006

Tropical Twins is the story of two twin brothers. Silver is a photographer and Ventura is desperate to get into the television business. When the wife of a famous producer asks Silver to take photos of her husband screwing some girls, she promises that in return she will give Ventura his big break in TV.

Ref: ERO195 / Year:2006

On this island the men are capable of the most stunningly sustained sexual feats, while even the most frigid of women end up abandoning themselves to the pleasures of licentious excess… Penetrate the depths of this steamy tropical paradise and discover the secrets contained in a very special flower. Do you have the balls to try just a drop of this aphrodisiac cocktail?

Caribbean Dream
Ref: ERO185 / Year:2006

The sale of a house located in a tropical paradise is the pretext for a buyer to indulge in some wild sex. At the same time as getting a free trip to the Grenadine Islands in the Caribbean, he’s also going to be getting to sample some beautiful ladies…

Sun, Beach & Sex
Ref: ERO170 / Year:2005

Tony wants to take the trip of his life to the tropics: taking advantage of his wife being away, he has booked his ticket with a very special agency that guarantees him as much sex as his body can take for two weeks.

A tropical adventure full of action, stunning landscapes and most of all wild, uninhibited sex.

Fashion in Paradise
Ref: ERO167 / Year: 2005

The eccentricities of a leading model make filming a TV commercial a difficult job. This Tropical release is shot against beautiful landscapes and packed with cheating, dramas and top-class wild sex!

Sunset Memories
Ref: ERO160 / Year: 12/1/2004

Directed by one of the world’s best directors, Alessandro del Mar, ‘Sunset Memories’ is the story of a young couples who fail at marriage. Being faithful isn’t for everyone, a trip to the exotic Caribbean lets these couple live out their most passionate and sensual fantasies ensuring that they get a brand new lease for life!

Dream Girls in Saint Martin
Ref: ERO148 / Year:2004

Filmed against the fantastic scenery of the island of St. Martin, during an erotic advertising shoot a cabin boy makes his wildest dreams come true with some of Private’s hottest girls.

Caribbean Airlines
Ref: ERO144 / Year:2004

Fly with our hot stewardesses to the exotic island of Martinique. Embark on a trip full of passion and the best sensual sex, that will lead you into the ecstasy of pleasure.