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Millionaire 2
Ref: ERO162 / Year:2004

Don’t miss this thrilling race to find the fabulous treasure of the ruthless General Van Ribbertraunf. Beautiful women, intrigue, sex and luxury in incredible tropical settings and the sophisticated French Côte d’Azur. The kind of production only Private can offer you.

Virgin Dreams
Ref: ERO249 / Year: 1/1/2008

An architect looks for creative inspiration with sensual wet dreams imagining how she can lose her virginity, so she can discover what it’s like to cum!

The Private Gladiator 1
Ref: ERO088 / Year:2002

A high-budget costume trilogy. Maximus (Toni Ribas), the hero, is a Roman general who defeats the barbarians and is declared successor to the ageing Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Vice, corruption and evil plots thwart the hero’s plans for the future. He is betrayed and sold into slavery. Action, fabulous girls and plenty of sensual action.

The Private Gladiator 2, In The City Of Lust
Ref: ERO092 / Year:2002

This second thrilling episode of the saga is a faithful reconstruction of the sensual arts of Roman women, these girls invented passion and pleasure. In the midst of the Roman parties the sexual world of the ancients is explored and brought to life a series of erotic scenes.

The Private Gladiator 3, Sexual Conquest
Ref: ERO103 / Year:2002

Set in the most glorious period of ancient Rome, we bring you the third and final part of this super-production. There are an exquisite array of feminine beauties that will make your temperature soar to new heights. Once again enjoy, the best of historic passion produced by Private.

Ref: ERO120 / Year:2003

A group of archaeologists, members of a sect that worships Ancient Egypt, working from a sample of her DNA, attempt to bring the beautiful Cleopatra back to life, a lady renowned for her insatiable sexual appetites. Set in both Ancient Egypt and the contemporary world, with scenes filmed in Luxor, El Cairo and Naples.

Cleopatra 2
Ref: ERO135 / Year:2004

Following the spectacular launch of the first part of Cleopatra at Venus 2003 in Berlin, the sordid sex adventures of Cleopatra continue in this sequel. Following the discovery of the ancient queen, genetic wizardry is used in a secret laboratory hidden in the depths of the sinister “Astrick Corporation” in order to bring Cleopatra back to life in the present day… All, however, is not as it would first appear, as the seemingly perfect Cleopatra clone starts to have flashbacks, and her subconscious starts to revert to the tempestuous times of ancient Egypt. She soon rediscovers her sexual prowess from the past and amidst steamy sex sessions with the ancients and red hot rodgering with her sympathetic scientist creator, Cleopatra comes to terms with her past and everything seems set for a fairytale ending… that is, until we discover the sting in the tail of this steamy sex saga… Cleopatra 2 “The Legend of Eros” mixes the ancient and the modern, and is guaranteed to raise rather more than just a cloud of dust from the desert as we travel through time, six sizzling scenes and almost 2 hours of the very hottest sensual sessions starring Julia Taylor (again in her role as the ancient queen of the desert “Cleopatra”), the luscious Laura Angel, Rita Faltoyano, Sandra Russo and Bettina… The blockbuster movie Cleopatra wowed the world, and has broken sales records across the globe. Part 2 of Cleopatra – “The Legend of Eros” is sure to follow in its footsteps…

All Sex
Ref: ERO129 / Year:2003

The title says it all, this is “All Sex” in a wickedly realised round of horny hi-jinx with a stunning selection of the most sumptuous babes, artisitic director Antonio Adamo once again out does himself with Private. Starring Sara Palmer, Donna, Marie, Bobbi Eden, Daniella Schiffer and Ellen, the movie emerges us in some of the most sensual action ever captured in porn. As the old saying goes, when the cat’s away the mice will play, and it is all too true when a relationship at a distance proves no substitute for wild sex. A distant girlfriend, an attractive colleague, the scenario is all too familiar and of course our hero falls hook, line and sinker, and oh boy does he have a time of it.

Lady Of The Rings
Ref: ERO177 / Year:2005

Welcome to the weird and wonderful mystical world filled with evil wizards, magical elves and the wonders of sensual fantasy. Filmed in New Zealand and Europe, two horny hobbits set out on a quest that tests their talents and will power. Will they give in to the dark art of passion or will our heroes prevail?

Basic Sexual Instinct
Ref: ERO227 / Year:2007

A mysterious murder, a cop and a brilliant, sexually driven, killer who only reveals what is between her luscious legs… you might say it is her basic instinct? Starring Jane Darling, Justine Ashley, Natalli di Angelo, Stracy and Vanessa May.