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Cute Couples
Ref: DES002 / Year:2015

More than one hundred and five minutes of tenderness and sensuality. Wondering what it takes to have that fantastic sex that you will remember for the rest off your life? These beautiful desirable women are highly confident and have all the experience to bring you to a state of entrancement. She will take control. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Kiss me softly
Ref: DES003 / Year:2016

Over two decadent hours of tenderness and sensuality. Watch hot couples in the throes of passion bring each other to climax.

I Love you
Ref: DES004 / Year:2016

Nearly two decadent hours of tenderness and sensuality. Watch hot couples in the throes of passion bring each other to climax.

Beauty of Nature
Ref: DES005 / Year:2016

There’s a definite buzz to having sex in the great outdoors. Blue skies above your heads, the fresh air on your face – and the thought deep down that you could be caught in the act only heightens the experience.
Four loved-up couples take their private party outside for some alfresco dining – on each other. They plunge into the depths of this erotic outdoor expedition and make love unconditionally until they are overcome by powerful orgasms that rip through their glistening bodies. There are no limits to their desires – that’s the Beauty Of Nature!

Ref: DES006 / Year:2017

It’s summer time and it’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining and these four women really know how to enjoy the great outdoors. Featuring Naomi Bennet who appears on the cover and in scene three with Lutro. They can’t resist the chemistry between them as they have the greatest sexual experience in the woods. First Nicole Love is waiting for a bus and has an offer to ride with Max Dior, but she gets more than a ride. Morgan Rodriguez got a flat tire on her bicycle and the studly Angelo Godshack comes by to offer a help in hand, and then some! They can’t resist each other! Vinna Reed is running through the woods wearing her sexy jogging outfit, she bumps into the big builder Nick Ross and he shows her just how good he is with his tools!

Endless Love
Ref: DES001 / Year:NA

These gorgeous girls will entice and will pamper you with Endless Love! They purr and softly moan as you lick every inch of their desirable bodies and they’ll take you to a hedonistic island of pleasure as they return the favour – edging you until you’re fit to burst. These babes don’t want it hard and fast – they luxuriate in a long and tender act of making love. Let natural beauties Bella, Lola, Alisson and Lola take you on sensuous journey of Endless Love!