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Ref: DAR112 / Year: NA

UK Director Kendo explores physical desire, the darkness within quelled by external beauty casting aside everything apart from lust and desire.

The light and the dark play long the lines of her body. Painting an exquisite figure through the darkness, her skin rising gently with every breath. Across the shadowy room as if an observer, any darkness of mind gives way to the allure of her sensual curves and eyes that pierce the shadows into his very soul.

Ref: DAR111 / Year: 2012

Porcha Sins hosts a late night show for Adults Only, Radio Erotica. A programme where women can exchange their sexual fantasies and experiences, with the listeners. British Female Director Anjali Kara, delivers an erotic, sensual movie featuring some stunning performances from her cast. Our sexy host, Porcha introduces every scene with a sexual narrative that leads onto a vivd account of each engaging experience.

Ref: DAR110 / Year: 2012

A tentative look, a flirtatious glance, the gentle touch before a kiss, the ‘dance’ around one another before that first memorable embrace- the art of seduction. Sitting together but initially as if apart, his hand moves to her shoulder, gentle yet firm, the approach leads on from a gentle touch to a kiss with anticipation. Beautifully captured in five passionate and sexually charged scenes. This film is a journey that will draw you in and immerse you in a plethora of colour, sound and emotion, engaging you completely.

Ref: DAR109 / Year: 2012

Roxanne is a glamorous woman, married to a successful industrialist. At first, you might think that she has everything she could desire – a luxurious mansion, a handsome husband, close friends. But something is missing from her life, especially when she realizes that her husband is having an affair with another woman. Rebecca craves excitement, and she finds it by stealing. Nothing else gives her the intense sexual charge which she enjoys from stealing.

Ref: DAR108 / Year: 2012

Do you “Dare!” to find your sexual peak, to find that area of your life totally fulfilled outside the realm of normalcy that a lot of people find their lives pigeon-holed into, goose-stepping to societal norms and standards?British Female Director, Anjali Kara documents the lifestyles of five, wealthy housewives who devote themselves to sexual adventure and personal satisfaction. As members of The Trophy Wives Club they make a pact to share their sexual conquests within their own private inner circle. Cuckold husbands, swingers, young lovers and group sex experiences are the norm for this elite group of friends. A tale of pure sexual indulgence featuring a stunning cast of fine British Trophy Wives brought to you by Anjali Kara.

Ref: DAR107 / Year: 2012

Night. Hollywood Boulevard. Bright lights, traffic, girls walking along the famous star-studded strip, in thigh high boots and short skirts. In a cheap apartment, above the street, Vivian gets dressed for the night. Meanwhile, Edward, a wealthy businessman from out of town, is lost on his way to Beverly Hills. A wrong turn takes him into Hollywood, where he meets Vivian, and her roommate, Laura, on the street. He agrees to pay Vivian if she will show him the way to his hotel. An intriguing conversation develops between them in the car. By the time they reach his luxurious suite, they are both interested in getting to know one another a little more.

Ref: DAR106 / Year: 2009

Nicki is the kind of girl looking for trouble. When she finds it, the action gets hot and that makes Nicki get Hot! Nicki’s friends are showgirls, lounge-acts, and hopped-up street charmers looking for a hustle! They want dangerous men.Danger gets these girls wet in the pants and wet in the mouth! When Nicki turns-up dead, Roland, a Private Eye gets a job he can sink his teeth into…. He can sink something else into it as well!


Ref: DAR105 / Year: NA

Every so often we find a darker side within us that stretches our imagination just that little bit more than we are both used to or ready for. Every so often the need for something different wells inside us like a great storm.

A splintered carry on from ‘The Dance’ encapsulating five sex scenes shot with dark undertones that leave the viewer begging for more. If you love heels you will love Heels & Whores!”

Milf Mayhem – Soft
Ref: DAR104 / Year: 2012

Milf Mayhem stars Lexi Ward, Rebecca More, Amica Bentley, Valentina Cruz, and Tanya Cox! The new twisted tale from UK director Kendo delves us into a darker more sinister look at the human emotion and desire for fulfillment.

As he typed quietly the story started to unfold. Twisting and turning into a darker journey that he could not stop himself falling into. As she read his words she knew one day they would become one, a sexual energy of lust and desire.

Addiction – Soft
Ref: DAR103 / Year: 2012

Sex Therapist Dr Demetri Santos is a specialist Practitioner dealing with the sexual needs of his wealthy female clients. His professional integrity is tested to the full as his stunning patients relate their explicit sexual fantasies and desires to him. The good Doctors resistance is finally broken and he becomes embroiled in a web of hedonistic adventures and sexual Addiction.
Disanto directs a cinematic style, hardcore porn movie for The Daring Media Group. Featuring some of the UK’s finest Adult Performers, Addiction is a movie that explores the darker side of the female mindset.