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Private Château
Ref: ERO180 / Year:2005

Set in the vineyards of Spain’s Costa Brava, this three-part dynastical drama blends the intrigues of high society with the cut-throat world of the wine business. The story takes you from the 19th Century to the present day, revealing the secret lusts, desires and infidelities between two feuding families who are fighting for control of the Private Château!

Private Football Cup 2006
Ref: ERO193 / Year:2006

Football fever is coming with the World Cup, and what better way to get into spirits than with the lusty all girl Private football team. This is the official magazine of the JF Romagnoli blockbuster movie ‘Private Football Cup 2006’.

Ref: ERO206 / Year:2006

Casanova was one of the world’s most infamous lovers. No woman in Venice escaped his insatiable talents, he’s tamed everything from noblewomen to nuns and now Private and Antonio Adamo have recreated this randy Italian’s sexual conquests.

The Five Keys of Pleasure
Ref: ERO114 / Year:2003

Jason invites some friends around to his magnificent villa. In the evening the guests start playing poker and chatting. Little by little the card games and the relations between them start to heat up and pretty soon they are getting carried away by their desire for sex and erotic games.

Jason Colt – The Mystery Of The Sexy Diamonds
Ref: ERO241 / Year:2007

Prepare for the highest production values ever seen in an adult movie. Shot in New York and Taiwan, Jason Colt is our studly agent and, despite the temptation of our devious divas, he keeps his nerve in the sensual spy thriller. This high class movie is a perfect glimpse of what Private have to offer!

Downward Spiral
Ref: ERO263 / Year:2008

Sandy’s living a normal happy life with her wealthy husband, working as a flight attendant. But this perfect life turns wild after a rouge kid-napping leads her into an escapade of sexual adventure and the sexiest escape story ever told! She doesn’t know where she is or how she got there but there isn’t a thing this loving wife won’t do to get back to her man, she may have a thing or two to confess to once she does!

SEXth Element
Ref: ERO271 / Year:2008

The year is 2230. The planet is in danger and only the hot body of Leelo (Aletta Ocean) can save it from destruction: she is the “SEXth Element”. Every hole in the universe is explored in this masterclass of penetration, this spectacular sci-fi even features an extra scene with Black Angelika.

Ref: ERO274 / Year:2008

The search for a mythical treasure will bring our stunning stars to a tropical paradises where they embark on the sexual adventure of a lifetime! This sequel to our smash hit success Millionaire is one you can’t afford to miss!