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Fashion in Paradise
Ref: ERO167 / Year: 2005

The eccentricities of a leading model make filming a TV commercial a difficult job. This Tropical release is shot against beautiful landscapes and packed with cheating, dramas and top-class wild sex!

Sunset Memories
Ref: ERO160 / Year: 12/1/2004

Directed by one of the world’s best directors, Alessandro del Mar, ‘Sunset Memories’ is the story of a young couples who fail at marriage. Being faithful isn’t for everyone, a trip to the exotic Caribbean lets these couple live out their most passionate and sensual fantasies ensuring that they get a brand new lease for life!

Dream Girls in Saint Martin
Ref: ERO148 / Year:2004

Filmed against the fantastic scenery of the island of St. Martin, during an erotic advertising shoot a cabin boy makes his wildest dreams come true with some of Private’s hottest girls.

Caribbean Airlines
Ref: ERO144 / Year:2004

Fly with our hot stewardesses to the exotic island of Martinique. Embark on a trip full of passion and the best sensual sex, that will lead you into the ecstasy of pleasure.

Coral Honey Moon
Ref: ERO140 / Year:2003

A recently married couple check into Hotel Coral, to spend their honeymoon in heavenly Martinique. There they become mixed up in a series of double-crosses and pay-offs, the purpose of which is to financially swindle them.

Caribbean Vacation
Ref: ERO112 / Year:2003

Sensual adventures and the throws of tropical passion are in abundance in this masterful film set in the gorgeous islands of the Caribbean.. brought to us by the maestro Alessandro del Mar.

Ref: ERO097 / Year:2002

In Private Tropical #2 – Sunrise you travel to the sun-drenched, palm-fringed beaches of the tropical paradise Santo Domingo where we find mouth-watering maidens. Exclusive superstar Jodie Moore joins a star-studded cast including Mandy Bright, Petra Short, Jane Darling, Elza Brown, Sandra Key, Daniella and Natalia as they take every opportunity under the sun to satisfy their search for the throws of passion. In eight exciting scenes packed with red-hot action, you go to the most exotic corners of the world where no expense is spared to bring you the best in sizzling action.

Porn Wars, Episode II
Ref: ERO214 / Year:2006

The Seths have destroyed the Jodi’s base and there are terrorist outbreaks all over the galaxy. Only Sonnen Lightside has the power to train a new generation of female Jodi knights. He trains them with his biggest weapon so the female warriors can unleash their sexuality upon the universe!

Sex City 3
Ref: ERO209 / Year:2006

Welcome to the city of sin! An all girl gang rule the streets and show the true meaning of girl power as they use their talents to take charge. Complete with police corruption and sensual adventures, this hard hitting gritty drama will satisfy all viewers!

Porn Wars, Episode I
Ref: ERO201 / Year:2006

In a galaxy far, far away, the war between the Seth & the Jodi armies has created a penetrating darkness in space. In the first part of this three part space trilogy, the sexy female Jodi warriors fight for the good of the universe as they take you on a non-stop epic journey into deep space where sexual fantasy is a reality!